With the threat of ID fraud growing as recently highlighted keeping an envelope’s contents secure and impenetrable whilst in transit is imperative.

GoSecure security pouches, which are not transparent, see-through or translucent are a sensible option as no light can pass through them thus keeping unwanted attention regarding an pouches’s content to an absolute minimum.

So when might the use of such pouches be particularly appropriate? Documents including cheques, cash or legal documents particularly spring to mind which a sender is likely to want to keep well away from any prying eyes.

GoSecure Pouches such as the VFT3 Gussett Mailing Pouch 457 x 330 x 73mm is designed to give peace of mind that important documents will always arrive safely at the intended destination.

Such tamper proof pouches can also be used in conjunction with security seals for tamper evident mailing & added peace of mind.

The address window and label patch can only be accessed internally and the zip closure has a security locking device to prevent tampering in transit. The gusset expands to 76mm for mailing larger and bulky items.

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