At GoSecure we pride ourselves on offering you a choice of packaging and mailing solutions for the office, warehouse and home.

Our aim is to instill confidence that your products/documents will arrive intact, at your chosen destination, every time.

From padded bags, to documents enclosed and polythene mailing envelopes these items not only offer excellent protection during transit but also help to keep your postal costs to a minimum –saving you money.

To enhance our range of everyday packaging products GoSecure also offers specialist mailing bags with secure, tamper evident closures, making them ideal for use when sending cash, important or confidential documents.

So no matter what your postal/packaging needs we at GoSecure want to provide a perfect solution for your business.

Latest news and updates:

The GoSecure Mailing Solution!

GoSecure is a strong, reliable product that is ideal for sending catalogues, marketing literature, high security packages and bulky items in the post.   The lightweight and strong polythene envelopes help you save on postage costs also providing you with a different range of envelopes and packaging from Heavy Duty Cash Bags, Extra Strong Polythene…

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Take Precaution When Posting Important Documents

With the threat of ID fraud growing as recently highlighted keeping an envelope’s contents secure and impenetrable whilst in transit is imperative. GoSecure security pouches, which are not transparent, see-through or translucent are a sensible option as no light can pass through them thus keeping unwanted attention regarding an pouches’s content to an absolute minimum….

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